Lab Instruments

912, 913, 914 – pH/ Conductometers:

«Two-in-one» – for indoors and outdoors

  • Parallel measurement of pH and conductivity with the 914 pH/Conductometer.
  • Parallel recording of two pH values with the 913 pH Meter.
  • Multi point pH calibration with upto 5 different buffers.
  • 912 is a 5 ring technology conductivity meter
  • Field version available with carrying case foron site applications
  • USB compatible
  • Data export directly into your LIMS or Excel ormanage the results in ti Base.
  • IP67 compliance with optional battery operation and much more.

pH / pH Ion meter:

  • Multi-point calibration with up to 9 buffers
  • pH measurement and determination of ion concentrations with the highest degree of comfort
  • Ion measurement by direct measurement or automatic standard addition or subtraction with 865/876 Dosimats or sample addition or subtraction
  • Automatic electrode test (graphical printout) for pH electrodes (GLP, ISO 9000)
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic recognition of buffers

9pH / Conductivity Module:

  • 5 point pH calibration
  • Unique five ring measuring technique
  • Wide linearity range
  • Software or touch control
  • PEEK body cell
  • Minimum sample volume
  • CFR 21 Compliant

Karl Fischer Titration- Volumetric:

  • Moisture measurement from ppm to % level
  • Live display
  • Intelligent Dosing unit or Exchange unit
  • Automation
  • Software / Touch control operations
  • High resolution measuring interface
  • Built in safety features – overflow protection
  • Automatic titer determination

Karl Fischer Titration – Coulometric:

  • Moisture measurement in low ppm level
  • Live display
  • Coulometer cell with or without diaphragm
  • Standalone / Software
  • Options of KF Oven or Oven Sample processor

Potentiometric Titration:

  • Intelligent Dosing unit or Exchange unit
  • Economical automation
  • Parallel titration
  • Software / Touch control operations
  • High resolution measuring interface
  • pH and ISE measurements
  • Multiple titrants
  • Liquid handling

Thermometric Titration:

  • Single sensor for all types of application Unique applications
  • Maintenance free solid state sensor
  • Maintenance Free Sensor.
  • No Calibration of Sensor is necessary.
  • Specially suited for Harsh and difficult samples

Ion Chromatograph:

  • Intelligent Ion Chromatography Systems
  • Intelligent Columns
  • Conductivity, Electrochemical, UV-Vis photo diode array detectors
  • Analysis of Anions, Cations, Transition Metals, Organic Acids, Amines, Carbohydrates, Lanthanides, Amino Acids etc.
  • Sample processing systems like Ultrafiltration, Dialysis, Neutralisation, Cailbration, Dilution, Matrix Elimination etc.
  • TitrIC: System for Complete Water analysis

Voltammetry : Trace Metal Analyzer

  • Trace Analysis and Metal Speciation
  • Standalone, semi automated and completely automated
  • Automatic standard addition by unique Dosino
  • Detection limits from ppm to ppt
  • Multimode electrode (DME, SMDE and HMDE) and Rotating Disk electrodes (RDE)


  •  892 Rancimat for Oils and Fats
    Instrument for automatic determination of the oxidative stability of natural fats or oils or fat- containing products. For determination of shelf life of oil based products.
  • Biodiesel Rancimat
    Instrument for automatic determination of the oxidative stability of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, FAME)
  • PVC Thermomat
    Instrument for automatic determination of the thermal stability of PVC or PVC products
  •  PC controlled and comprehensive capabilities for data archiving and reprocessing

Robotic USB Sample Processor XL:

  • Two external working stations and four internal membrane pumps for large sample volumes and large numbers of samples
  • The methods are programmed by means of the
  • Touch Control unit or PC-controlled – either with the titration software tiamo™ or the chromatography software Magic Net™
  • Parallel operation
  • Automated liquid handling – pipetting
  • Karl Fischer automation
  • Automatic sample preparation
  • Applicable for titration as well as IC applications

Oven Samplers for KF application:

  • The Compact Oven Sample Changer is used for thermal sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration. In the oven the samples can be heated up to 250°C. The moisture contained in the sample evaporates and is transported by a dry carrier gas into the titration cell, where the analysis takes place
  • Small footprint – The instrument provides automation in a very small place
  • Flexibility – The 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer can be used in combination with a Coulometer or a volumetric titrator
  • Easy to use – Only oven temperature, gas flow and number of samples need to be defined.

860 KF Thermoprep:

  • The 860 KF Thermoprep is designed for thermal sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration
  • Simple handling of the instrument thanks to a clearly arranged menu
  • Identical and reproducible conditions for all samples during analysis ensures precise results
  • No contamination of the oven and therefore no carryover and memory effects
  • Simple and fast sample preparation